Basin Surface Area Dredged

10 AC

CCR Material Dredged

50,000 CY

Design Slope


Project Details

As a precursor to a CCR basin closure, it was necessary to remove the ponded water located within the CCR basin and adjacent to an existing landfill. To Improve the landfill slope factor of safety, the installation of an underwater buttress was required as part of the pre excavation project setup. The installation techniques for this buttress were left up to the contractor’s discretion. Trans Ash selected dredging of an adjacent delta area as the means of providing the necessary buttress material.

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Project Challenges & Solutions

Slope Stability Concerns

Due to slope stability concerns dewatering of the pond was not permissible. Trans Ash selected dredging as the means of excavation and placement to meet these challenges.

Aggressive Schedule

Due to regulatory dates, the client had a very aggressive schedule, with approximately 3 months from construction start to In service. With a fleet of owned equipment and qualified available personnel, Trans Ash was able to mobilize to the site quickly and complete the project within the allotted time frame.

Phragmite Overgrowth

An amphibious excavator was utilized to remove phragmites safely and expose a bank of material that could be dredged to create the buttress.

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