Industry Leaders in CCR Management, Civil Construction Services & Operation Support

With a dynamic management team, highly trained employees, and an expanding fleet of heavy-duty equipment, Trans Ash is capable of providing intelligent solutions for all of our clients. We have the manpower to maintain systems, operate heavy equipment, and provide support to all construction services. We encourage all of our employees to strive for excellence, to exceed customer expectations, and accomplish what they set out to do.

Why Trans Ash

Our Commitment to Safety

The personal health and safety of our employees is our top priority. We expect a zero accident rate and will not settle for anything else. We want each and every employee to go home as healthy as they started their workday.

By creating a culture that focuses on safety as a primary objective, we can achieve all of our health and safety goals. We welcome every new person in our company and expect them to adopt our culture and take responsibility for their safety and that of others as well.

About our safety culture

The Trans Ash “No Excuses” Mindset

The Trans Ash Quality Division is built on the philosophy that delivering high standards is a value reflected by all of our team members through a “No Excuses” mindset. This focus is branded on our clothing, hardhats, and other supplies to serve as a persistent representation of our commitment to delivering the Quality projects expected by our customers.

Our commitment to quality

Diversity and Inclusion

Our mission is to reflect the diversity of the communities we serve and the world we live in. By holding ourselves accountable, we create and support a more diverse and inclusive environment through continuous learning, personal growth, and supporting our team members and our customers. The combination of our customers, suppliers, subcontractors, and our Trans Ash team truly makes us Partners in Progress.

How we're building stronger partnerships

Our Greatest Resource, Our Employees

At Trans Ash, our greatest resource is our employees. We are proud to have new employees that are starting their careers and those who have chosen to continue building their careers. We have a community that helps all newcomers fit with the culture that Trans Ash has fostered.

We challenge each team member to strive for excellence, to exceed the customers’ expectations, and to reach their own career goals.

Meet the Leadership Team

Over 1,000 Pieces of Heavy Equipment

With access to a fleet of more than 1,000 pieces of heavy-duty and specialized equipment, we have the tools necessary for the job, and our fleet logistics team makes sure that it's ready to perform for the task at hand.

With the ability to control costs and availability, we gain an advantage in meeting project deadlines and budgets. Additionally, we have access to qualified equipment vendors, enabling us to efficiently and cost-effectively obtain and rent equipment as needed.

Our construction equipment