4,000 PSI Concrete

5,500 CY

HDPE Piping Installed

2,500 LF

Geologic Buffer Layer

12,500 CY

Project Details

Due to new regulations, the sludge sediment basins at this coal-fired power plant required removal of the existing liner system and protective concrete cover. The basins were retrofitted with a new liner system meeting the requirements of Laws and Codes, including federal CCR rules and regulations.

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Project Challenges & Solutions

Schedule Challenges

The majority of the project occurred during the fall and winter. The weather encountered during this time of year caused setbacks in the schedule. Trans Ash was able to work closely with the owner to re-evaluate the schedule and modify the task priority list.

Rain & Flood Delays

During a flood event, the bridge used for crossing the river was closed and haul trucks had to be re-routed. This caused a significant impact to the haul distance so additional trucks were mobilized to ensure production rates were maintained.

Unexpected Complications

Trans Ash worked jointly with the design engineer and owner to implement the best solution to relocate a duct bank located in an unexpected location.

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