Excavation & Grading

50,000 CY

Synthetic Liner Installed

20,000 SY

Concrete Installed

4,000 CY

Project Details

Two process water basins were constructed to provide long term treatment of process flows at a retired, coal fired, power plant. This work scope included modifications to the existing water treatment plant, and the installation of a pump station to direct all process flows to the newly constructed basins. Lastly, the basins required the installation of a new discharge line, including a new NPDES outfall.

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Project Challenges & Solutions

Permitting Delays

Trans Ash expedited the earthwork of the first cell to allow for concrete installation throughout the winter. When spring arrived, Trans Ash quickly completed the earthwork on the second cell.

Operational Challenges

The location of an existing pump station caused operational challenges. Trans Ash partnered with a geotechnical subcontractor to install a sheeting wall. This allowed for the installation to take place in the smaller footprint, while also keeping the excavation stable.

Overhead Powerlines

All equipment was equipped with Sig alarms and physical powerline “goal posts” were also installed at road crossings to indicate to the operator that the machine could contact the powerline. Alternative construction techniques were also used to limit impact to the utilities.

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