42" HDPE Pipe

1,000 LF

Mass Earthwork

180,000 CY

HDPE Liner installation

60,000 SF

Project Details

Regulatory changes mandated that an existing gypsum basin be converted to a dry stack, while maintaining the ability to receive sluiced gypsum and collect marketable material. To achieve the project goals, Trans Ash proposed a lined ditch to collect the material. The client and their engineer designed two geo-membrane sluice channels and associated piping networks. The installation retained the functionality of a basin while allowing the remainder of the area to be converted to a dry stack.

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Project Challenges & Solutions

Uninterrupted Operations

Trans Ash coordinated a project plan to ensure there were no costly interruptions to plant operation at the active coal fired power plant, with final connections being completed during an outage.

Weather Restraints

To minimize the weather impact, Trans Ash maintained a flexible schedule that included weekends when the weather was favorable. This approach kept the project on schedule.

Design Challenges

Trans Ash assisted the client and design engineer in the design of the channels including the optimal length, depth, and width, assuring the final product performed as intended.

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