HDPE Pipe Installed

650 LF

Dense Grade Aggregate

208,000 Tons

Concrete Flume

950 LF

Project Details

As a result of changing CCR regulations, the Chemical Pond at a partnering utility in Kentucky was scheduled for closure. Additionally, the customer wished to utilize the site for a future waste water treatment facility. The area needed to be stabilized and filled to support that construction. The work scope involved stabilization, significant rock fill placement and other, associated civil tasks.

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Project Challenges & Solutions

Limited Site Access Area

This challenge was mitigated by partnering with a trucking firm with a large fleet of side dump trailers and instituting a project-specific traffic plan that efficiently cycled the trucks.

Unstable Subgrade

The basin had silted CCR’s and soft subsoils that were inadequate to support construction equipment or the end product of a stable construction pad. Trans Ash utilized a lime stabilization process to provide a working platform for fill placement.

Material Supply

A large volume of aggregate was required in a short time frame. Trans Ash partnered with a local quarry and coordinated a stringent delivery schedule to ensure timely deliveries.

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