CCR Material Managed to Date

6.3M Tons

CCR Material Dredged to Date

300,000 CY

Coal Hauling to Date

2.4M Tons

Project Details

In 2008 Trans Ash was selected to start a new mine reclamation operation in Southern Indiana. Throughout the life of the project, Trans Ash has offered innovative approaches to maximizing the storage potential of the mine while reducing costs. After 10 years the partnership between the facility and Trans Ash is ongoing as the mine reclamation approaches its completion in the early 2020’s.

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Project Challenges & Solutions

Schedule Management

The output of the facility is highly variable from year to year. Trans Ash has modified its equipment and manages manpower to accommodate the large fluctuations while keeping costs down.

Facility Management

The mine reclamation development changes from year to year. Trans Ash developed a long-term strategy to be sure the facility has ample storage for CCRs while maintaining a limited, open footprint.

Optimized for Safety

The design of the mine reclamation allows for operational modifications. The final contours of the fill, as well as work around an existing high wall, has been optimized by Trans Ash for safety and to maximize the storage volume.

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