CCR Managed to Date

13.5M Tons

Limestone Handling to Date

420,000 Tons

Leachate Hauling to Date

1.2M Tons

Project Details

Trans Ash assumed the routine handling operation in January 2013. At that time, the facility was spread over four working areas, separated by several miles of private and public roads. After closure of the remote landfill site, the project scope now encompasses two working areas separated by a private plant owned road. In 2018 limestone barge unloading and stack maintenance was added to the work scope. In 2019, the base contract was extended for another 5-year term demonstrating the client’s satisfaction with Tran Ash’s job performance.

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Project Challenges & Solutions

Daily Demands

Utilized a mixed fleet (on and off-road) of Trans Ash owned trucks. This allows us to meet the variable daily demands.

Efficient & Productive

Made our work crews more efficient and productive by assuming additional work scope like mowing and barge unloading. This provides the customer with a consistent, safe and competent work force and helps reduce costs.

Even Workload

Scheduled other onsite work, like landfill capping or sediment pond clean outs, in slow periods to maintain a more even workload.

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