Soil Excavation

600,000 CY

Dual Containment Liner System

126 AC

Force Main

2,500 LF

Project Details

Due to the new state CCR regulations, the CCR basin at this retired, coal-fired facility required clean closure. This clean closure necessitated the construction of an on-site CCR landfill. This high visibility project had a state-mandated completion date and almost constant scrutiny by the media and both government and non-government environmental groups.

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Project Challenges & Solutions

Overlapping Work Scopes

Landfill operation and construction were occurring simultaneously and required an updated construction sequence. Trans Ash worked cooperatively with the client to re-evaluate the schedule and devise an appropriate phasing plan.

Accessibility Issues

An on-site wetland created some traffic flow and accessibility issues. Trans Ash followed a strict ES&C plan to address this issue and protect the wetland.

Leachate System Connection

The leachate collection system required a tie-in to the municipal water system. Trans Ash coordinated a strict schedule to ensure no interruptions of service to the community.

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