Installed Storm Pipe in Landfill

2,000 FT

Soil Cap & Cover Landfill

150,000 CY

CCR Excavation & Grading

80,000 CY

Project Details

The purpose of this project was to permanently close the CCR landfill and basin at a retired, coal fired, power plant. The project included regrading and closure of the CCR landfill, closure in place of the CCR basin, and creation of a storm water retention basin.

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Project Challenges & Solutions

Sensitive Environmental Area

The plant was very close to a neighborhood. Trans Ash instituted strict traffic, flow patterns to minimize noise and utilized rigorous dust and erosion control measures, including surface, polymer treatments, to control fugitive dust.

Regulatory Deadline

Trans Ash utilized a flexible work schedule and multiple, coordinated, construction crews to complete all the project phases in rapid sequence and meet the regulatory deadline.

Compaction Standards

The storm water basin needed to meet specific compaction standards. Trans Ash used its vast CCR handling experience to dry the majority of the material through mixing and spreading in thin lifts. Lime kiln dust was applied to ensure the material was dried and compacted to specification.

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