CCR Material Excavated

1.2M CY

Pond Acreage

50 AC

Material Placed in Landfill

1.2M CY

Project Details

Due to the new state CCR regulations, the CCR basin at this retired, coal-fired facility required clean closure. This large volume, high visibility project had a state-mandated completion date and almost constant scrutiny by the media and both government and non-government environmental groups.

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Project Challenges & Solutions

Mandated Schedule

Trans Ash’s work started and progressed through the winter months. Trans Ash utilized traditional drying techniques coupled with a drying agent to stabilize the material and allow for timely excavation and placement.

Assumed Work Scope

Trans Ash was assuming the scope of work from a previous contractor who was not meeting the mandated schedule. Before excavation began, Trans Ash restructured the basin and landfill surfaces to optimize the productivity of the operation.

Environmental Controls

Due to the close proximity to the river; this was a a heavily scrutinized project by both state regulators and the public. Trans Ash’s construction plan ensured environmental and engineering compliance through the use of erosion control safeguards and contact water containment techniques

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