CCR Materials - Excavated, Hauled & Placed

5.3M Tons

CCR Material - Dredged, Dewatered, Placed

1M Tons

Sheet Pile Installed in Discharge Canal

5,000 LF

Project Details

Due to the new Federal and State CCR regulations, the CCR basins at this retired, coal-fired facility required clean closure, including the removal of a state-regulated dam. This large volume, high visibility project had a mandated completion date and almost constant scrutiny by the media and both government and non-government environmental groups.

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Project Challenges & Solutions

Ultimate Excavation Solution

One of the two basins had a large quantity of CCRs below the water table (up to 60’ below) while the other was a lined basin that held water and could not be impacted. The excavation of the basins was managed through the utilization of mechanical and hydraulic methods, both guided by GPS.

Mother Nature

The coastal climate of the area included frequent heavy rains and an unexpected Category 1 Hurricane with a 1,000-year rain event. This challenged both the physical work onsite as well as the schedule. To mitigate these impacts, contingency time was built into the schedule, extra hours were scheduled, and the operation was scaled up to recover from significant storms.

Safe Excavation Plan

The scale of this excavation was new to the client and they wished to hold the project to a higher level of safety than prior projects. Trans Ash worked with the client to develop an excavation plan that included setbacks and safe work practices. This plan incorporated both engineering analysis and Trans Ash’s historical experience.

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