Chemical Pond Closure

As a result of changing CCR regulations, the Chemical Pond at a partnering utility in Kentucky was scheduled for closure. Additionally, the customer wished to utilize the site for a future waste water treatment facility. The area needed to be stabili...

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Emergency Spillway Improvement

As the result of a regulatory inspection, a Midwest utility was required to install two emergency spillways in existing CCR basins. The project included the reinforcement of existing spillways, site grading, road improvements, and modifications to pr...

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Gypsum Complex Modification

Regulatory changes mandated that an existing gypsum basin be converted to a dry stack, while maintaining the ability to receive sluiced gypsum and collect marketable material. To achieve the project goals, Trans Ash proposed a lined ditch to collect ...

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Haul Road Construction

Following the construction of a new landfill and truck loading station, Trans Ash was awarded a landfill. haul road construction project to connect the two areas. This road would serve to supply CCR fill material to the newly constructed landfill as ...

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Process Water Basin Construction

Two process water basins were constructed to provide long term treatment of process flows at a retired, coal fired, power plant. This work scope included modifications to the existing water treatment plant, and the installation of a pump station to d...

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Sludge Sediment Basin Retrofit

Due to new regulations, the sludge sediment basins at this coal-fired power plant required removal of the existing liner system and protective concrete cover. The basins were retrofitted with a new liner system meeting the requirements of Laws and C...

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Switch Yard Development

Trans Ash was awarded a site grading project for a 20-acre Switch Yard expansion outside of Madison Alabama. The Switch Yard will serve as the base for the expansion of a 500kV Substation. ...

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Temporary Lined Basin

Due to new regulations, a temporary lined basin needed to be constructed to accept plant, process water. To prepare the sub grade, bottom ash and rock were excavated and removed from the site. A concrete forebay and five, 36” HDPE pipes were construc...

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Underwater Buttress Construction

As a precursor to a CCR basin closure, it was necessary to remove the ponded water located within the CCR basin and adjacent to an existing landfill. To Improve the landfill slope factor of safety, the installation of an underwater buttress was requi...

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