Trans Ash provides expertise to run operations within power plants that are traditionally done by the owner’s employees. With affordable solutions available for any budget, we can provide personnel for short-term hire, holiday schedules, or prolonged operating schedules.

We Run Operations, So You Don’t Have To

Trans Ash prides itself on being a full-service company to power plants and utility companies. With highly trained personnel, a dynamic management team, and the right equipment needed for the job, we provide a full range of operations and plant support services to complement our construction business.

Providing Labor Resources for Power Plants

In general, power plants face a trade-off between capital and operating costs. With fluctuations in energy costs, it’s difficult to keep employees during times when operating costs become too high. With our resources and manpower, we can supply support for ramping up or when current employees are exceeding their maximum capacity. Our management team is dedicated to working with operating schedules and logistics to ensure that workers can accommodate the workload and stay productive.

Silo Management

Conventional open-air storage requires sufficient space at plant sites and leads to costly drawbacks. Silo storage offers a safe solution but requires operation and maintenance checks regularly to ensure operational efficiency.

CCR Transport Facility Operation and Maintenance

As coal combustion residuals (CCR’s) come under increased scrutiny by regulators, Trans Ash is positioned to help meet guidelines required for the safe, efficient disposal of CCR’s. We provide 24/7 operation of facilities and ensure that transporting CCR’s remains safe, environmentally sound, and community-friendly.

Barge Unloading

At Trans Ash, we’re familiar with marine regulations, loading and unloading cargo within limited time constraints, and site checks required for heavy machinery. With a certified, trained, and experienced group of marine service professionals, we carefully manage and complete all phases of our contracted services.

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