At Trans Ash, we pride ourselves on the experience we’ve gained from a wide variety of successful civil construction projects. We can perform several services and have the personnel, resources, and knowledge to meet all of our clients’ needs.

Trans Ash Civil Construction for Utilities and Power Generation Facilities

Our fleet is comprised of advanced equipment, trained personnel, and a robust management team that can efficiently, safely, and accurately do the job. We have the capabilities to perform the majority of the work on our projects, however, we utilize subcontractors to perform specialized tasks.

Demolition and Earth Work

We have a variety of heavy equipment that can be utilized for demolition and earthwork projects. Our project teams routinely perform site preparation, grading, landfill construction, soil stabilization, and many other soil-related tasks.

Erosion and Sediment Controls

Erosion by wind and water occurs naturally, but human interference with land accelerates this process. Our civil construction services ensure that sediment run-off from construction sites does not accelerate erosion or ruin aquatic habitats in the environment. We use check dams, channel lining, and other best management practices to keep water where it's supposed to be and build retention ponds as solutions to erosion and sediment control.

Concrete Construction

From engineers to general contractors, we've worked with nearly every civil construction sector to provide concrete results. We've built solid relationships with our clients because we are fast and reliable. We have the ability to self perform and typically partner with subcontractors to perform the following concrete services:

  • Flat and vertical structures
  • Headwalls and spillways
  • Outfall structures
  • Concrete pipe placement
  • Pump stations
  • Drainage channels

Process Water Ponds

Process water pond systems stabilize organic material through natural processes involving sunlight, water, nutrients, algae, atmospheric oxygen, and bacterial action. With our experience in wastewater treatment solutions, we’re able to construct and implement process water ponds to effectively treat wastewater streams.


We have constructed spillways for dams and levees to control flow into the downstream areas. These spillways are used to accommodate major surge events from water and act as a release valve for dams. We utilize Fabriform liner systems and articulated concrete block systems to eliminate damage or destruction.

Slope Stabilization

Rock and clay buttressing, hydroseeding, and lime stabilization are services we provide for slope stabilization on civil construction sites.

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