Trans Ash is a leader in building landfills dedicated to coal combustion residual (CCR) storage, as well as maintenance services to the coal-fired power industry. We have the management team, personnel, and heavy-duty equipment to solve complex environmental challenges and ensure quality construction.

Trans Ash CCR Landfill Construction Services

At Trans Ash, we’ve seen it all in CCR landfill construction and management. Through our decades of experience, we have the expertise necessary to provide complete, integrated planning so that the best options for CCR landfills can be designed to work but also stay within budget and project scope.

Site Development

We provide site studies, design work, and permitting for construction projects involving coal-fired power plant companies. Our site development services include clearing, grubbing, and sub-grade fills for small or large-scale projects.

Liner System Installation

Our liner system installation experience consists of geosynthetic clay liners (GCL), natural clay layers, or a geo-synthetic at the primary or secondary level.

Leachate Collection System

Leachate piping and pumping form the main components of our leachate collection system. We also install mechanical and electrical control systems to operate the leachate collection.

Drainage Layer System

Our drainage layer systems consist of a granular aggregate cover layer that serves as the base for incoming fill material. We also install protective covers for landfill operation or closures.

Stormwater Systems

While stormwater systems usually consist of perimeter drainage channels and stormwater retention ponds, we have the capability to perform work for the specific site. Our wide variety of equipment and experienced personnel help us adapt to any site situation regarding CCR landfill construction services.

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