For coal plants that dispose of coal combustion residuals (CCR) using landfills, they are in need of services to ensure that the environment is protected when those landfills are closed. At Trans Ash, we provide solutions for CCR landfill closures, handling projects from start to finish.

Why Are CCR Landfill Closure Services Needed?

As the regulatory environment evolves and new technologies provide different solutions for power, some coal-based power plants are being retired. While CCR landfills provided a means of containing by-products produced by burning coal, retiring power plants means that CCR landfills are no longer needed. Therefore, Power generation companies are beginning to close their landfills safely in order to protect the environment and the community.

CCR Landfill Closure Services With Trans Ash

At Trans Ash, we help utility companies evaluate options to close and improve existing landfills in order to comply with environmental regulations.

Our traditional services include:

  • Compliance grading
  • Geo-membrane liners and soil cover
  • Concrete, electrical, and piping
  • Drainage systems
  • Access road construction
  • Conventional and synthetic turf capping systems

Although we have closed several landfills with traditional methods, we also hire experienced liner companies and subcontractors to provide and install critical components.

How CCR Landfill Closure Services Benefit Our Community

CCR landfill closures are expected to continue and accelerate over the next decade in response to the decommissioning of old coal-fired power plants. Community and worker safety are of utmost importance in closure design and construction activities. Detailed knowledge of site-specific engineering and environmental characteristics of the landfill material, containment structures, and environmental conditions are critical to ensuring a safe closure.

Trans Ash and its employees are committed to ensuring that the company’s operations comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations. By following environmentally friendly procedures and practices, we can make both meaningful and measurable improvements to our community.

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