Providing a suitable solution for CCR basin closures

In an effort to meet government regulations, power plants that use coal to produce electricity are required to provide a suitable solution for CCR basin closures. We’ve helped customers that are struggling with their CCR basin closure projects and have found solutions when other companies couldn’t. Contact us today to see how you can benefit from our knowledge, experience, and design of CCR basin closures.

How is a CCR Basin Closed?

There are two main solutions to closing CCR basins. The first involves managing CCR in place, while the second involves excavating and moving it to another location. The EPA recognizes that both solutions are viable and provide environmental benefits.

For any closure activity, the EPA requires companies to create a written closure plan. At Trans Ash, we provide the documentation for our customers, which includes:

  • Descriptions of how the CCR basin will be closed in accordance with EPA standards
  • Estimates of the maximum amount of CCR onsite during the active life of the basin
  • Descriptions of the cover system
  • A schedule for completing basin closure services

At Trans Ash, we’ve cleaned over 100 ash basins since founding our company in 1960. We are committed to providing full service to our customers with affordable solutions to their difficult basin closure projects.

Basin Closures and the environment

Every basin closure is unique, and site-specific requirements must be met at each basin. We are committed to closing basins safely while protecting the environment and our communities.

When closing a CCR basin, we work with all federal, state, and local water regulators to obtain the necessary permits to protect the environment. When the CCR basin is closed, we utilize EPA-approved covers and fills to protect and maintain the integrity of the closed basin.

Closing a CCR basin involves the removal of water from the basin in a process called dewatering. The dewatering and subsequent ash management measures help stabilize and compact the ash. CCRs can then be safely left in place or removed for disposal in another location.

At Trans Ash, we offer alternative dewatering methods to ensure the projects are completed safely and on time. We use pumping, evaporation, and other methods to ensure that the best dewatering solution is used for the location, environment, and budget of that particular coal plant.

With over 59 years of construction and CCR management experience, we’ve provided a variety of services that have made us one of the industry’s leading contractors for CCR basin closures.

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