Trans Ash has decades of experience working with power plant construction, electric utility systems, and power generation plants. Whether projects involve remedial services for existing processes, concrete work for foundations, or coal combustion residuals (CCR) management, our team is capable of seeing projects through from start to finish.

With construction services such as excavation, dewatering, dredging, and concrete placement, we are a multi-service company that can get the job done right. By managing multiple services with one management group, we can provide streamlined construction services for any utility and power plant construction.

CCR Basin Closure

When closing a CCR basin, we work with all federal, state, and local water regulators to obtain the necessary permits to protect the environment. When the CCR basin is closed, we utilize EPA-approved covers and fills to protect and maintain the integrity of the closed basin.

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CCR Landfill Management

We have operated numerous landfills for our customers over a vast geographical area. We offer a variety of services to ensure that all aspects of the landfill development, construction, and management process are covered.

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CCR Landfill Closure

We help utility companies evaluate options to close and improve existing landfills in order to protect public safety and comply with regulations. Although we have closed several landfills with traditional methods, we also hire experienced liner companies and subcontractors to provide critical components.

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CCR Landfill Construction

We are proud to tackle the largest and most challenging CCR landfill construction projects. We find the ideal solution by combining effective landfill construction with disposal options for non-marketable CCRs, which includes a well-planned landfill management program.

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Civil Construction

With our fleet of advanced equipment, trained personnel, and a robust management team, we can efficiently, safely, and accurately handle any Civil Construction project for Utilities and Power Generation Facilities.

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Dredging and sediment removal is used for a number of purposes, including waterway maintenance, creating freshwater sources, and helping with wastewater treatment. Unlike other dredging companies, we have the experience suited for any site design and construction.

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Plant Support

With highly trained personnel, a dynamic management team, and the right equipment needed for the job, we provide a full range of operations and plant support services to complement our construction business.

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Grounds Maintenance

With our years of experience with power plant construction, electric utility systems, and power generation plants, we’ve handled everything for our clients from grass cutting to landscape storm damage repair.

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