When it comes to excavating waterways such as ponds, rivers, and intake channels, our dredging services provide the necessary means for a variety of projects. We have the equipment, capability, and personnel required to meet all of our client’s needs.

Dredging Applications

Dredging and sediment removal is used for a number of purposes, including waterway maintenance, creating freshwater sources, and helping with wastewater treatment. Unlike other dredging companies, we have the experience suited for any site design and construction.

CCR Basins

When a CCR basin has reached its holding capacity we can create additional storage volume by dredging the materials out of the basin. Our professional team has the experience needed to construct on-site dredge cells so the material can be collected efficiently and properly dewatered.


Our Dredging Equipment

We’re able to take on small and large projects because of the quality dredging equipment we use for our services. Unlike other dredging companies, we own a variety of equipment options.

We’re able to meet construction designs, schedule production accordingly, and provide services for any budget.

Mud Cat Dredges

Consulting engineers around the globe prefer electric Mud Cat dredges for removing solids and from storage basins and lagoons. The Mud Cat dredge comes in three standard models, customized for specific applications.

Our operators are trained to use our dredging equipment safely and efficiently. Our safety culture is part of our employee's priorities, and they only operate equipment safely and professionally.

Ellicott 370 Dragon Dredges

The Ellicott Series 370 Dragon dredge is one of the most successful small-size range cutter suction dredges in the industry. These dredges are popular with first-time operators, general contractors, and government agencies throughout the United States.

Providing the right dredging equipment for the job can help streamline production and ensure that site design details are met. With a large equipment fleet and a solid management team, we can ensure that the right dredge is ready for the job at hand.

Custom Dredge Works

Custom Dredge Works (CDW) provides custom-built dredges for the harshest environment. With high-quality automation controls, clean hydraulic systems, and redundant gauges, CDW dredges are built to handle any construction job.

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