Project Overview

Trans Ash was awarded a site grading project for a 20-acre Switch Yard expansion outside of Madison Alabama. The Switch Yard will serve as the base for the expansion of a 500kV Substation.

"Trans Ash and our management team worked cooperatively to overcome the unfavorable weather conditions and identify onsite soil resources to complete the project on time and under budget.”

Project Challenges & Solutions

The design specifications, schedule and weather factors created a unique set of challenges on this project:

  • This project involves the disturbance of a large footprint of land creating the risk of stormwater releases in an environmentally sensitive area. For this reason, a sediment basin and erosion controls were installed and stabilized prior to starting work on the remainder of the site.
  • The project specifications assumed the use of both onsite and offsite sources of soil for structural fill. Additionally, some materials onsite were not suitable for fill and had to be removed from the site. Trans Ash worked with the client’s personnel to develop a plan utilizing vacant property on the site and newly identified on-site soils to eliminate the need for offsite soil procurement and disposal.
  • The scope of work required a significant gravity flow piping network installation with the pipe installed with minimal slope. Additionally, the project required strict adherence to tight tolerances for structural fill and yard stone grade. Trans Ash used self-performed licensed site surveys and our GPS controlled equipment fleet to achieve the design grades and tolerances required in the specifications.
  • Multiple hurricanes impacted the site creating severe weather challenges. Trans Ash responded to weather delays by working extended hours and utilizing additional, specialized equipment to dry the subgrade material and maintain schedule.
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Liner and Stone placement in drainage ditch

Project Scope Highlights

  • Constructed a 950 linear foot access drive
  • Constructed a 1.5 acre sediment basin
  • Excavated 92,000 cubic yards of soil
  • Placed 58,000 cubic yards of soil embankment
  • Installed 3,300 linear feet of 18 inch to 36 inch RCP drainage pipe system
  • Installed 2,500 linear feet of rip rap lined drainage ditch
  • Placed and compacted 9,000 tons of yard stone
  • Graded and seeded all disturbed areas
Site Excavation
Sediment pond stabilization
Yard Stone Placement
Completed Project

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