Project Overview

Following the construction of a new landfill and truck loading station, Trans Ash was awarded a landfill. haul road construction project to connect the two areas. This road would serve to supply CCR fill material to the newly constructed landfill as well as future expansions of the landfill.

“The Trans Ash alternate design shortened the haul route, eliminated tight turns, and reduced the schedule duration. This allowed the project to be completed before winter and reduced the overall cost.”

Project Challenges & Solutions

The design, schedule and environmental factors created a unique set of challenges:

  • During the RFP process, Trans Ash noticed several areas where the design of the haul road could be improved to better accommodate the end use. Trans Ash utilized its vast CCR landfill operation experience along with internal AutoCAD Civil 3D Technicians to provide an alternate that would increase operational efficiencies and improve safety.
  • Initially, the haul road design called for unnecessary, tight turns that lengthened the haul route and would put unnecessary stress on the haul Trucks. Trans Ash proposed a new alignment that reduced cost by straightening the haul road
  • The initial design had over-designed cross section depths of asphalt and stone. Trans Ash worked with our asphalt installation subcontractor to propose a design that would achieve the desired performance while reducing cost and installation time.
  • The project required strict adherence to tight tolerances for excavation, sub-grade prep and the various road gravel and asphalt layers. Trans Ash made use of our experienced in-house surveyors and extensive GPS controlled equipment fleet to achieve the design grades and thicknesses required int eh specifications.
  • As work progressed through late fall, Trans Ash was constrained by weather and fast approaching asphalt plant shutdowns for the year. Trans Ash was able to overcome these challenges by:
    • Providing contingencies in the schedule for the inevitable weather delays that would affect the project.
    • Accelerating the work when the weather was good by working additional hours and days.
    • Leveraging the alternate design options that were proposed in the bid process that reduced the amount of work that needed to be performed.
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Excavation of Fill Material

Project Scope Highlights

  • Place 20,000 CY of soil embankment
  • Install 180 ft of 24"RCP under fill area
  • Proof roll and compact road base
  • Install KYTC type 3 woven, textile fabric between earth and stone base
  • Install asphalt base and wear surface layers
  • Construct ditches, swales and channels according to design
  • Install french drains
  • Grade and seed all areas after project completion
Sub Grade Prep
Textile fabric placement
Gravel Placement
Asphalt Placement

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