Project Overview

The purpose of this project was to permanently close the CCR landfill and basin at a retired, coal fired, power plant. The project included regrading and closure of the CCR landfill, closure in place of the CCR basin, and creation of a storm water retention basin.

“For years, the plant had a challenging relationship with the adjoining neighborhood. By creating a strict, environmental, control plan and providing the necessary, support equipment, Trans Ash was able to complete the project with no neighborhood issues or complaints.”

Project Challenges & Solutions

Several items were encountered throughout the project life cycle, creating the following challenges:

  • The plant is adjacent to a residential neighborhood and across the river from a large, commercial enterprise, making the project site a highly visible and sensitive environmental area. Trans Ash instituted strict traffic, flow patterns to minimize noise and utilized rigorous dust and erosion control measures, including surface, polymer treatments, to control fugitive dust.
  • As there was an end of calendar year, regulatory deadline, the project schedule was heavily loaded during the first three months. Once the CCR material was excavated and on grade, it was required to be immediately covered with clay or geomembrane material. Trans Ash utilized a flexible work schedule and multiple, coordinated, construction crews to complete all the project phases in rapid sequence and meet the regulatory deadline.
  • The storm water basin required a regulatory agency observed proof roll and compaction testing. Trans Ash used its vast CCR handling experience to dry the majority of the material through mixing and spreading in thin lifts. However, a small section of the basin bottom resisted traditional drying methods. Lime kiln dust was applied to ensure the material was dried and compacted to the required specification.
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Basin Excavation

Project Scope Highlights

  • Finish Grade CCR material in landfill
  • Install 2,000 ft of storm pipe in landfill
  • Cap and cover landfill with 150,000 CY of cover soil
  • Construct permanent landfill access road
  • Seed and straw landfill cover soil
  • Excavate and grade 80,000 CY of CCR material to close basin
  • Place 80,000 CY of cover soil in basin
  • Seed and straw basin cover soil
  • Stabilize base material in storm water basin
  • Install rock and 8 acres of liner in storm water basin
Grading Landfill
Basin Bottom Stabilization
Landfill Closure Complete
Basin Closure Complete

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