Project Overview

The Bivens landfill was constructed to serve the needs of a large scale CCR basin excavation that occurred over a 5 year time period. The pond excavation exceeded 5M tons of CCR material, requiring multiple phases of landfill construction and closure. As a result of the plant decreasing production and the impending plant closure, the closure process was initiated prior to the last cell reaching final grade. A final closure design was initiated with consultation from engineering firms, Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation, and utility representatives.

“Trans Ash developed Bivens as an alternative to onsite storage for our byproducts. They were able to permit multiple phases through a changing landscape of regulations providing a constant solution for our CCR storage needs.”

Project Challenges & Solutions

Several items were encountered throughout the life cycle of this project and created the following challenges and solutions:

  • During the closure process, leachate storage became increasingly challenging due to a shrinking footprint. Trans Ash utilized tankers and trucking crews to haul leachate water back to the utility facility for treatment and settling. This ensured that there was no unpermitted discharge at the landfill.
  • Limited access for construction equipment coupled with ground pressure restrictions on the liner system made placement of soil cover challenging. A series of “fingers” and roads were constructed to efficiently haul material to the final cover area. Trans Ash utilized low pressure placement equipment to ensure the liner system was not damaged and in compliance with the specifications.
  • Trans Ash has extensive experience in landfill construction. This experience along with the capabilities of our in-house engineering department allowed us to address various challenges until a final solution was implemented.
  • Due to a CCR spill in the state, the CCR regulations changed and became more stringent.Trans ash was able to work through this challenge to obtain an expansion and closure permit that provided the client the storage capacity they required.
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Liner System

Project Scope Highlights

  • Compliance grading of subgrade to design specification
  • Installation of HDPE surface drainage structure
  • Installation of 64 acres of geosynthetic clay liner
  • Installation of 64 acres of 40 mil HDPE flexible membrane liner
  • Installation of 64 acres of geocomposite drainage membrane
  • Load, haul and placement of 30" of cover soil
  • Load, haul and placement of 6" vegetative cover
  • Installation of 1,000 linear ft of grouted rip-rap lined storm water collection ditch
  • Hydro seed 64 acres and all work areas disturbed by construction
CCR Basin Excavation
CCR Placement
Liner Installation and Cover soil
Landfill Final Grade

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