It is the responsibility of every employee of Trans Ash to comply with safe practices and adhere to our well-developed safety culture. Not only do we hold our team to high standards, but we also expect each of our employees to hold their co-workers accountable too.

Employee Safety Is Our Priority

The personal health and safety of our employees is our primary goal. We expect a zero accident/injury rate and will work for nothing less. We want each and every employee to go home as healthy as they started their workday.

Our overall safety goals also include:

  • Fostering a culture of safety within our company
  • Providing our employees with the proper documentation and guidelines to implement our safety program in the field
  • Ensuring employees receive the necessary training for field service
  • Supplying employees with the necessary safety equipment on all sites
  • Maintaining necessary communication with our clients concerning Trans Ash and their safety requirements
  • Sending employees home to their families each day safe and healthy, the same way they came to work

By creating a culture that focuses on safety as a priority, we can achieve these goals. We expect that each and every person in our company will adopt our culture and ensure that they take responsibility for their safety and the safety of others.

We Expect Subcontractors and Suppliers to Adopt Our 
Safety Initiatives

We communicate our culture of safety to our subcontractors and suppliers and expect them to take ownership of safety. Every Trans Ash employee has the authority and responsibility to question another employee of any position when there is a concern over safety.

By reviewing site-specific plans, assessing hazards, and performing pre-operation walk-throughs of all procedures, we can help our subcontractors and suppliers perform their jobs more efficiently and safely. It is our responsibility to ensure that everyone on the job site is safe, not just our own employees.

Protecting Our Environment

Trans Ash and its employees are committed to ensuring that the company’s operations comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations. By following procedures and practices that are economically sound and technologically feasible, we’ll be able to produce consistent, measurable, and meaningful environmental improvements.

Our commitment to environmental safety includes:

  • Compliance with SWPPP, SPCC, and Hazard Communication Training
  • Daily inspections of equipment
  • Following procedures for managing equipment leaks, oily rags, and trash
  • Weekly inspections of fuel tanks, drummed products, and spill control supplies
  • Quarterly safety and environmental audits

In order to accomplish our compliance with applicable environmental laws and regulations, we have developed procedures for our operational employees. By taking the time and necessary steps to ensure that our environment remains safe, we can limit our impact on hazards that affect our community.