Autonomous Reporting Structure

The Quality Division is structured for autonomy and is represented by a reporting hierarchy that prevents the potential for conflict of interest. At Trans Ash, the Quality Division reports directly to the Executive Vice President, not the Operations Team. Our Capital projects are staffed with onsite Quality Managers and/or Technicians which are supported by both Regional and Corporate Quality Management.

Corporate Quality Manual

Governing our Quality program is our Corporate Quality Manual. It clearly describes Trans Ash’s procedural requirements for each aspect of our Quality program as well the responsibilities associated therein. The Corporate Quality Manual is supplemented at each project by a site-specific Quality Plan. Both of these documents will be implemented in the field through a dedicated Quality representative.

Inspection and Testing Plans (ITP)

The cornerstone of the Quality Division’s effort onsite lies within the effectiveness of the Inspection and Test Plan (ITP) creation and execution. The ITP creation supports a process that encompasses a thorough review on project specifications, hold point tables and QA/QC design documents. Within this process, Trans Ash is able to compile the inspection and testing requirements and include them in the site-specific Quality Plan.

Inspection and Testing Management

Trans Ash believes that Inspections and Tests are tools, not just tasks. We utilize a Quality Management software (Field View) to interface ITP requirements with iPads in the field to aid in effective entry and tracking of all inspections and tests. Additionally, Field View provides the ability to generate and actively track all open deficiencies generated through the inspection and testing processes.

Density and Moisture Testing

Our moisture and density testing capabilities include both self-performed testing through state licensed nuclear density gauges and 3 rd Party testing firms. Nuclear Density testing is governed by the Trans Ash Radiation Protection Program.

Lessons Learned

Lessons learned are vital to Trans Ash’s effort to pursue continuous improvement. As such our Lessons Learned Program has been overhauled to promote ease of entry and reporting. Documentation is performed through the Field View Quality Software in the same interface as Inspections and Tests. After Lessons Learned are entered, they are appropriately categorized and made trackable through custom filters as needed.