We’re able to take on large, difficult, and expansive projects because of the size and management of our equipment fleet. By owning a variety of critical heavy machinery components for construction, we’re able to exceed our customer’s expectations, schedule production accordingly, and do the job right.

We Own Our Construction Equipment

Owning our equipment allows us the flexibility needed to plan a job accordingly, meet timelines, and perform at the highest level. Our extensive fleet has the latest technology, helping us complete the work faster, smarter, and more accurately. It also provides us with cost-effective solutions and allows us to respond quickly to customer needs, source all the tools required for the job, and control the
costs associated with the work performed.

Over 1,000 Pieces of Heavy Equipment

At Trans Ash, our fleet management and logistics team are comprised of equipment professionals. Since we’re moving equipment and crews to multiple projects simultaneously, our team ensures that equipment is available, maintained, and ready for the job at hand.

Bulldozers and Backhoes

We carry a range of small, medium, and large bulldozers that are configurable with a variety of work tools and attachments. We have the equipment, technology, and application expertise to analyze the job, identify the work that needs to be done and provide solutions.


Since excavators are the most used equipment in the industry, we have a diversified fleet in order to meet the needs of our site operators. We have specialized equipment and attachments for all project needs.

Dump Trucks

For fleet management and logistics crews, dump truck work is demanding. With our professional logistics team at Trans Ash, we can make sure to schedule dump truck work accordingly, be smarter with our logistics teams, and take care of our entire crew.


We have invested in drones and other state-of-the-art equipment for our surveying needs. Drones are also useful for managing job sites and subcontractors. They deliver a flexible, cost-effective way to improve project management and help ensure that schedules are met.

Pumps and Anything in Between

Our heavy-duty pumps play a major role in keeping our job sites dewatered. Groundwater from the surrounding area and rain events can flood the whole site if not dealt with properly.

GPS-Enabled Equipment

GPS-enabled equipment is used on every project to ensure that jobs get built right the first time. It allows us to take the engineers design, convert it to an electronic file, and upload it to our heavy equipment operators, eliminating the need for additional survey work.

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