Bivens CCR Landfill Closure

The Bivens landfill was constructed to serve the needs of a large scale CCR basin excavation that occurred over a 5 year time period. The pond excavation exceeded 5M tons of CCR material, requiring multiple phases of landfill construction and closure...

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CCR Landfill and Basin Closure

The purpose of this project was to permanently close the CCR landfill and basin at a retired, coal fired, power plant. The project included regrading and closure of the CCR landfill, closure in place of the CCR basin, and creation of a storm water re...

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CCR Landfill Closure - Phase 1

Due to new Federal and State CCR regulations, multiple CCR basins had to be excavated and the material placed in a newly constructed, adjacent landfill. This large volume, high visibility project had a state mandated completion date that required min...

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CCR Landfill Construction

Due to the new state CCR regulations, the CCR basin at this retired, coal-fired facility required clean closure. This clean closure necessitated the construction of an on-site CCR landfill. This high visibility project had a state-mandated completio...

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